Sunday, March 16, 2008

you say ee-ther, i say eye-ther

The Mister and O were having a conversation the other day, and he used the word 'either' incorrectly in a sentence. Let's take a little survey, show of hands those people who can identify when other people use 'either' incorrectly? Raise 'em up...really, stick up your hand...nobody?

That's right. Only my FIVE YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER can do that.

'Dad, don't you mean neither?' in the most biggest smartypants voice ever.

I was fetching my Habitat bag out of the closet when this all happened, and was forced to shut myself in said closet in order to bust a gut allbymyownself. I opened the door to see Reprimanded Dad looking at me, with an interesting mix of irritation and fascination. 'Did she just correct my grammar?'

As if THAT has never happened before.

I peeked around the door at Miss Smart-O-Pants McGee, who was doing her best to gaze upon her beloved father with sternness. 'Well, when you're wrong, you're just wrong, Dad.'

I shut myself back in the closet for a while.

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  1. From the first time she outsmarted me when she was a YEAR AND A HALF OLD! I knew I was in big BIG trouble with that one.

    The Alpha Male


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