Sunday, March 23, 2008

animal genes in tomatoes

This is totally disgusting, and we all should pay closer attention to the food we are eating. Click the title, read, and try not to barf.

Happier tidings tomorrow.

Unless I come across more of this. Then there might be an extended version of my rant against nasty big-time agriculture.

Go eat a Cadbury egg. Or just throw it in the trash and save yourself.


  1. hmm. while a totally agree with you about supporting local agriculture (and the ever-expanding market for huge genetic-engineering agriculture corporations, even in the organic realm), the biologist in me screams, genes are just molecules, animal or plant.

  2. Since when are you the Biologist Grinnell?

    And yeah, they're just molecules, but it's kinda gross to have genetically modified animal-plants. Didn't you see Little Shop of Horrors?


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