Friday, March 21, 2008

friday sweetness

Three little monkeys climbing up a crib...

Here's Olivia, looking gorgeous with chopsticks in her hair. The flesh-colored stick that looks like it is jabbing her skull is, in fact, a chopstick, and you can just trust me that the other half of the pair is in there somewhere.

And check the picture. She named the horse Sasha and wrote it all by herself without asking how to spell it. Smart cookie.

O and HB having a head-bashing good time.

Don't be concerned. Apparantly, it's fun and harmless.

See how all four hands are on the keyboard at the same time?

Usually there are two hands tickling the ivories.

And one hand bashing J in the head.

And one hand bashing HB in the head.

Piano duet boxing? Hmmm....

What a bunch of charmers.

They must have a cute mama.

Or a cute daddy.

Or both.

Or else it's that crazy double-recessive gene kicking in.

Lucky charmers.

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