Saturday, March 29, 2008

re: why?

The decision to keep Jayci Yaeger's dad in jail raised a lot of attention, and prison officials let him visit with his daughter earlier this week. It was a short visit, and Jayci passed away Friday morning, March 28th.

Join me in saying a prayer (or two) for this family, and for the myriad other families around the world who are separated from the ones they love and are suffering, because no matter what the cause of the separation and suffering, it's just plain awful.

And kids don't need to know about either one.


  1. Hi, I am a 12 year old girl named Jayci. I was born on March 5. I just was surfing the web when I found this picture of a girl named Jayci who had passed away in March. It's just so ironic. That little girl is in a better place now and for a lot of people out there they don't realize how precious life is. So, I'm so sorry about your loss I bet Jayci was a wonderful girl! We as Jayci's are :)

  2. heyy u should send that girl some pickles and send me,anonymous some cash haha jk


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