Wednesday, March 19, 2008

he's a big fan

On a whim, I took the kiddos to That Taco Place for lunch. Not the most kid-friendly place to eat by design, it's a great place to get homemade, mostly organic Mexican food that doesn't assault your wallet. And it's not That Taco Chain, which has a rather unfriendly reputation for assaulting one's digestive system.

I sent off a quick text to my friend Megh, asking if she'd like to join us. And because she is lovely and likes us (also because her mister had left her home alone for lunch), she did. This is the conversation that followed:

Mama: We are going to be eating lunch with someone special.

O: Is it Grandma?

Mama: No, not Grandma.

O: Is it Aunt Judy?

Mama: Nope. We are going to eat lunch with Megh.

O: You said we would see her again soon! This is really soon!

J: I wuv Megh.

O: She is so nice! Is Anthony coming too?

Mama: Nope, just Megh.

J: I wuv Megh. Wet (let) me think about it. Hmmmm.....Hmmmm....yep. I wuv Megh a weawwy, weawwy wot. Wet me think some more.

Other conversation with Olivia and I continued, the subject changed, minutes and minutes passed by. Then we hear:

J: I wuv Megh. She is beary peshul to me.

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