Wednesday, March 19, 2008

amedick's maple syrup farm

Having a look. Fortunately, there were no critters stuck in the sap. Boy, I really do dislike critters.

They have over 1500 of these buckets hanging from trees. That's in addition to the miles of tubing connecting a gazillion or so other trees. (Note to self: use Photoshop to make stuff cooler.)

Maple syrple. Yum, yum, extra yum.

Buy real maple syrup. Buy it from local syrup makers. If you live nowheres near here, leave me a comment (what the heck, leave a comment anyway. say hi or something) and I'll give you some info on how to score you some. Real. NY. Syrup. Because as cool and whatever else Vermont is, they just plain don't have superior syrup to New York.

How else did we get the Official State Nickname, The Empire of Maple Syrup State? That is what I would like to know. What? Are you saying I am making this Official State Nickname up? No, no, my friends. That is fact. Vermont just blackmailed NY into taking the "of Maple Syrup" part off. They threatened to send all of the crazy liberals back to NY. And Lord knows all of the Upstate Republicans would have a coronary if any more crazy liberals came to NY, so a crisis was averted, and NY no longer publicly refers to itself as The Empire of Maple Syrup State.

I hope you are now feeling enriched and enlightened. After all, I am here to do just those things. Also, enhance and educate and engage you with witty alliteration.

And I hope you support your local Maple Farms and buy local maple syrup.


  1. Western New York maple sap is actually so superlative in its goodness, that we ship it off to Vermont by the tanker-load for them to make syrup out of... the stinky cheaters!

    The Alpha Male

  2. I just got my REAL syrup from my brother-in-law this weekend. AWESOME! I can not believe how many posts you've added since the bread thing. You go girl:)


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