Monday, March 3, 2008

hot rhino love

It was a gorgeous nearly Spring day, and we had to go to Rochester anyway, so the team and I hit the Seneca Park Zoo. Much to our surprise, there was action in the rhinocerous pen. Usually when we visit the zoo, the rhinos stand around like nerds in a bar. Not today.

Chasing each other, sliding down the muddy hill, sticking their horns where the sun doesn't shine, goring each other quite bloody. At one point, Rhino A had hooked Rhino B's back right leg, and was running around after Rhino B. Poor Rhino B looked like an armored three-legged dog. Bec and I stood watching, waiting for one to throw in the towel...or to see what rhino mating really looks like.

Alas, the children were getting upset by the bleeding (fancy that), and we had to move on. By the time we came back, the animals were locked up indoors.

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