Thursday, March 20, 2008

kids with cameras

This is Very Important Art
(read: what happens when the children get the camera).

What is this, even? Some sort of sunrise on the azure planet? Or has someone been practicing their underwater photography again? The camera has been acting a little weird.

Here is some of Olivia's work. Just look at that great big ham. He'd be awful nice in a pot of split pea soup. Mmm, mmm, good.

I have to guess that this is more of Olivia's work. The subject of the photo is much too obvious to have been taken by one of the boys.

Aahhhh, the classic 'Thumb In the Lens' shot, by HB.

Jack took about 45 pictures of this book, which is probably some egregious copywrite infringement. (Especially now that I have displayed it to you!) Apologies to the illustrator, author, and publisher.

Here is HB, by Jack.
Or HB, by HB.
Not sure.
But check out those kicks.

This was taken by me. Like the nearly chipped off nail polish on my thumb? Super-stylin'. That's me.

The photo documents the first time in five years and three months of parenting that my glasses have been bent beyond wearability.

It's kind of a trophy. That's what I tell myself.

HP by HB.

The keyboard is Hewlett-Packard. I knew you were wondering. And you know I am here to enlighten and enliven.

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