Sunday, March 9, 2008

my civil duty

Tomorrow morning I have the honour of spending my day waiting for men in suits to decide whether or not I am fair and impartial. I guess it's a good thing the shorties are not allowed to come with me, as they spend a good portion of each day telling me I am not fair. It would really prejudice the attorneys against me, and just make a mess of things, possibly even skewing the other prospective jurors and ending up with a mistrial. And where is the justice in that? The poor, sad, alleged murderer would have to sit in jail even longer before being tried by his peers. But is it a jury of his peers? Is the murderer a he? Am I a peer of a murderer? And if I say, "I hope I am not the peer of a (an alleged) murderer," does that make me an inappropriate choice for a jurorship?

So I will take the sock I am knitting, and my little notebook. And I will knit and write my next post which may make you cry if you are a big cryingpants girl like me. So get your hankies ready, and I'll see you tomorrow night.

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