Friday, March 14, 2008

it left me misty-eyed

Yesterday was not a banner day in the life of moi. This happened, and then I fell down the stairs because, well, I don't actually know how it happened. I had to call for reinforcements, because it was a painful moment. So naturally I used falling down the stairs as an excuse to take a nap. Perfect.

But at breakfast, I had the sweetest little bit of sugar with my coffee. Olivia was eating her Loop-loops (that horrific circle-shaped cereal that is brightly colored and dipped in fake sugar paste, you know the one), and looked at me with her "concerned face". It is the face that tells me I can't even imagine what she is about to ask/tell/inform me.

O, replete with faux-timidity: Will I be like you when I grow up?

My brain: Yes. Exactly. That is just plain how it works.

My mouth: Do you want to be like me? (Followed by brain: Whatever for?)

O, as she most carefully slides off her chair, walks still timidly around the table, and reaching me, flings her arms around my neck: You are the best! The best ever!

And she hugged me and hugged me, and I hugged and hugged her back, and quietly wiped the tears from my eyes. It's always a surprise to be reminded of how much the kids love me, expecially Olivia.

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