Sunday, March 2, 2008

bad dream, mama style

I would like to preface this by informing you all that I am not really a dreaming sort of gal. If I ever reach that level of sleep where dreaming happens, and with all the snoring, teeth-grinding, awake-in-the-night people in my house, trust me, it's more of a life goal to have a dream than something I do on a regular basis.

But last night, people, I Had A Dream. Don't get all excited and expect a Dr. Martin Luther King experience, it was a Completely Weird Dream. And don't get all worried, because I'm not planning to recount the entire thing to you; that is just confusing for everyone.

My brother, JT, has been married inreallife for almost six years to Auntie Tef who we are In Love With. (We also love JT thismuch and their beautiful boys, just wanted to be sure everyone understands that before I continue.)

Here is the Completely Weird Dream's Plot: JT's and Auntie Tef's marriage had been declared null and void in the Grand Commonwealth of Virginia due to a well-photographed, newly-diagnosed, uncommon and chronic butt-hole condition of JT. They had to come to New York (where we Daytons live inreallife and in dream world, too, most conveniently) so that they could get married again and have it all be legal. Because apparently in NY we do not discriminate against people with uncommon chronic butt-hole conditions.

What in the world.

P.S. As far as I know, JT has no such uncommon and chronic butt-hole condition. And boy if you do, please refrain from showing me the pictures of said condition. Sharing's nice and all, but I promise I'll pray for your mung-ish backside if you ask nicely, no photos needed.

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