Sunday, April 12, 2009

are you still missing me?

It's been two weeks since our wee Elliott made his speedy arrival.  I promise to give you my version of the events, just not today.  We are adjusting really well to having a new baby in the house, or the honeymoon period is about to be over... either way, it's been a great couple of weeks. 

Aside from the whole adjusting to nursing thing.  That sucked.

You're laughing at that.


Okay, maybe sucked is not the best word to describe the searing pain that ran straight to the core of my central nervous system, caused me to say all of the bad words I know and also made me think that Ty Pennington got a really great gig plugging Nestle's baby formula.  Seriously, my right Girly was hurting so terribly that the pain shot up and down the right side of my body ALL THE WAY TO MY TOES.  My ears hurt, too.  And he nurses about every hour and a half.

Except at night.  Lalalalalalalala....this is me, moving on.

At night?  He SLEEPS.  Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, I know you want to have what I'm having.

Well, not THAT what I'm having, I'm not having THAT for four more weeks.  (Unless my midwife doesn't read my blog... in which case, the timeline may possibly differ.)

Seriously, the boy has been sleeping about six or seven hours at a stretch at night.  Have I mentioned that I am in love with this baby?  He totally loves me, too, and wants me to keep on being his mama, because he is following the rules.

Also?  I think I have lost about 75% of the weight I gained while I was pregnant.  My zipper jeans don't really fit any more.  Sure, my belly is still a little floppy, but my third and fourth chins have disappeared. 

All told, we're doing well, and we are totally loving all of the loving we're getting from the guest posters and new commenters.   Big thanks to everyone who has offered kind words of congratulations and told us how cute our baby is.


  1. Hearty congratulations! I am the oldest child in a family of four myself - but didn't have the stamina to go beyond the matched boy-girl set we have.
    Now for the awkward question: If you already had three children, how it is that young Elliott caused such distress in the nursing dept? (Did you not nurse the others? Is it just different this time around? I have no breast feeding agenda - I swear - I'm just a dumb man who's curious.)

  2. And what a wonderful thing, to love and be loved.

    Yes, Elliott is uber-cute. Blessings to you and the family!

    Happy Easter!

  3. Pssssst. We made it three weeks. I think. ;-)

  4. So glad to hear that things are going well. And I'm wondering what you did in a previous life to get a new baby that sleeps for 6 hours a night. Whatever it was, that's awesome for you guys.


  5. Your right girl hurt so bad the pain went all the way to your toes? Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. That makes MY breasts hurt. And I don't even have any. Just very hard pecs. And abs. And biceps.

  6. Yeah, the nursing is always an adjustment. It does even out after a while, though. But that first week or so it's brutal.

  7. Ty Pennington is plugging Nestle????

    I will hunt him down and kill him. Nestle is EVIL.

    Hm. where was I??

    Oh yeah. Nursing a baby is like the first time every time. (did that even make sense?) I'm sure you've figured out that by now though. Even when I tandem nursed my girls, we still had some adjusting to do (that I was hoping to avoid by tandeming) in the beginning.

    Anyway.. you know that whole sleep thing is gonna change in the next week, don't you? Just don't want you to think that it's because you mentioned it. ;)

    Hang in there with the nursing. With my fourth, I ended up getting shells to ease the pain (awesome). Go topless whenever you can. ;)

  8. OH NO! Bad news about nursing. Yeah, I totally thought I had it down after Kylie (didn't hurt a bit) and then Coop came along...OUCH! I was totally thinking I just did something wrong, but now I have to look forward to the ouches all over again! AHHHHH....I feel your pain!!!

    I need the secret to sleep as well! Does it involve any type of alcohol??? Totally cannot wait to enjoy me a glass of fine wine!

  9. I want to come and kidnap... I mean snuggle up with that baby boy again. Soon! He is uber delish...

  10. What do you mean you've lost most of your baby weight?

    My daughter is FIVE AND I HAVEN'T LOST THE WEIGHT YET. Stop pressuring me!

  11. such a good little guy that he's sleeping through the night for you! you totally got my boobies hurting in remembrance pain as i read this post!


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