Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Morning

Pamela thinks E learned to smile this morning. Pretty good for a kid who had a botched spinal tap yesterday. So far all tests are comming back negative. We're still waiting for some cultures but things are looking up. Thanks for your prayers. They're working.

- The Mister

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  1. Awe.. look at that beautiful boy!
    Learning to smile? Wow. What a trooper. Sounds to me like a good sign. :)

    We'll keep praying for you, friends.

  2. Sending lots of good thoughts to the little man. And to all of you as well. Stay strong.

  3. Thinking of you guys. Sending prayers and good wishes to baby Elliott.

  4. keep smiling little e. i'm sure it makes the mama and daddy feel better.
    thinking of you guys.

  5. I'm breathing a sigh of relief right now. This is terrific news.

    Get well little guy.

  6. *awww* *sniff* *gulp*

    Whew. Good news, bro, good news.

    Continued prayers/good thoughts/general all-around good vibes for the lad, and the Fam.

  7. Thank goodness! I'll keep thinking good thoughts for you.

  8. I spell relief H-E-A-L-T-H-Y E-L-L-I-O-T-T.

  9. so sorry to hear about little elliott. glad that the little guy is doing better. sending many prayers your way.

  10. Hey dudes. Geez, I leave for a day and a half and I get all this DRAMA when I return?

    Elliot - Get well soon honey...

  11. Okay, people, for the record, that is a yawn.

    But he really did smile at me today, quite a lot.

    Thanks for all your wishes and prayers.

  12. What a trooper! Smiling in the hospital is HARD, (trust me, I work there)


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