Friday, April 10, 2009

And Elliot Makes Four.

Hi! I'm The Hotfessional, a.k.a. Ree. When Pamela was looking for guest posters while she and The Mister got used to having another tiny Dayton baby around, I begged offered.

Pamela and I lead very different lives. She's a stay-at-home-Mom to 4. FOUR! Dudes. I brought one bundle of poop joy home from the hospital nearly 18 years ago and now I run away from home every week to go work in a city 300 miles away.

Oh, shush. It only seems like I'm abandoning my kid. His Dad is there with him. My husband, Mr. Hot, retired (not because he's old or rich, y'all...although a girl can dream, can't she?) from corporate life 13 years ago. He doesn't do well with authority. Snirk.

Annywayyyyy, back to how Pamela and I are different.

Four babies. One Teenager. You got that one, right?

Me? Retired husband. Her? The Mister is gainfully employed and even went to work the night Elliot was born.

Also, Pamela does laundry. She must. (FOUR kids) Me? I think there's a washing machine in my basement. At least, I've been told there is. The only proof I have is that for a while, I sent a check to Sears every month to "pay for" the "washing machine" I supposedly "bought". Oh, and my clothes magically appear clean before I pack on Sunday nights.

Pamela has been known to cook on a regular basis. And not just the kind of cooking that gives you FOUR kids. She makes homemade granola. (I KNOW this. She sent me some. Nahnee Nahnee Boo Boo!) Me? Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha. And snort. And also? Guffaw. The last time I tried to make my family dinner, they decided we should go out for sushi. And THEY DON'T EAT FISH.

Pamela is an accomplished seamstress. She can take pieces of fabric and make other things. Things her FOUR kids can actually put on their bodies and leave the house while wearing. I have scars (SCARS, people!) from the time I tried to use a sewing machine to hem my pants. How in the H-E-double-hockey-sticks was I supposed to know that I needed to take my pants off to hem them? (I just tell everyone it's an ankle bracelet.)

And yet, even though Pamela and I lead such absolutely different lives, I know that she's one of my very favorite people on the interwebs. So I decided to write a special little poem for her and her brood.

There once was a family named Dayton,
Who lived and loved and had such fun.
Pamela and Mister said More,
And so they made FOUR,
Welcome to the world dear young son.

Love to all of you guys! Rest up. The teenage years will be here before you know it.


  1. That was sweet. I loved your comparisons, they made me laugh. I'm just getting to know the Dayton's but they seem like pretty awesome people. And not only cause they have such cool bloggy friends.

  2. Hi Blogging Mama Andrea! Thanks! And keep coming by the Daytons. They will always make you laugh.

  3. Pamela is all the things Ree is not. Ree is all the things Pamela is not.

    Yet somehow, they're equally lovable.

  4. TEEN-age years!? The first time Miss O told me she hated me and was moving to Canada she was FOUR!

  5. Jason - Mwah. and more mwah.

    The Mister - When she's a teenager, it'll be California.


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