Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What's a T Between Friends?

When Pamela asked me to guest post I was all atwitter. Usually I have to limit my ranting to my blog or to those closest to me. But clearly she trusts me. And she must love me best since she named her newest baby after my son.

That's right, I have an Elliot. Granted mine is a single T Elliot, but an Elliot nonetheless. Obviously I think it's a great name. And it has the added bonus of no matter how you spell it you'll pronounce it correctly. Elliot, Elliott, Eliot, Eliott - it's all good.

I don't remember how Pamela and I came to be bloggy friends. But we did. The end.

Well, not really the end because we're all still here.

Last November Pamela participated in my now defunct Penpals series. I came back from BlogHer all hyped about community and hey hey. Also, it was NaBloPoMo and she was kind enough to help a sister out. Thirty days of posting is HARD. So hard in fact, I'm still recovering. Yes, I know it's April. Whatever.

Anyway. What struck me about Pamela's interview was that really is that funny, all the time. Not the ROFL sort, but the heh - she's funny sort. The kind of funny that you just know if you had a cup of coffee with the woman IRL that you'd walk away with a smile on your face.

Back in November Pamela said that an ideal day for her would be sleeping until she woke up. Yeah - I had to read that a few times myself too. When else would you sleep until? I then I realized she meant on her own not the result of her short people needing something. Ha! And then she went and got another short person. Seems counter-productive to me. But what do I know? Apparently I didn't put enough letters in my kid's name.

As it turns out, guest posting at the Dayton Time has turned into shameless plugging of my own blog. Seems like it's the least she can do since she stole my kid's name.

disclaimer: of course I hope everyone at the Dayton Time is well and adjusting nicely and that someone is given Pamela all the coffee she wants, but that goes without saying


  1. Coffee and wine. She needs wine!

    Nice to meet you Catherine.

  2. Isn't Pamela funny? I heart her. And, this is sort of awkwarc, because it's like I'm talking about her as though she wasn't here, but duh, who else is going to read this in her email box besides the MISTER? I met Pamela over soap nuts and my life will never be the same. I honestly let out a little squee when I see she's posted. I don't squee about just everyone. (But, people who may be reading this on Pamela's blog, just overlook that last sentence. I squee over all of you guys too.) (Not really, Pamela, not really)

    Any-hoo, that NAMBLO crap? It did me in and I didn't even participate. 112 blogs I have in my reader. Half of them posting every day killed me. I took Dec, Jan and most of Feb off because of it. And you know what? I thought it was a yearly thing. I thought it only happened in November. Then in December I saw MORE people joining in. That's when I threw my hands up and hibernated.

    Wow, sorry for the longest comment like ever, Pamela. Catherine, so nice to meet you!

  3. Pamela - you have the kindest readers. Really. Now readers, come be mine too!


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