Thursday, April 2, 2009


Look, it was nothing personal Steenky Bee. A kid I went to high school with is a State Trooper in Utah now and he said if we were going to have any involvement with Stinky "The Queen" Bee we has better watch our collective asses. It's not that I'm personally against the idea of having the former "Mormon Madam" post on my wife's blog, I just wanted to limit the available language so that things didn't escalate... Again. (Jimmy says hi by the way. He still remembers the only girl that took six officers, a tazer and a full can of pepper spray to subdue. He said if you don't remember him to look at the scar right by your FTW tattoo.). So that's it. No hard feelings. Right? Heh heh? Thanks for the awesome post Steenky. And please remember the restraining order. You lucked out last time when the Bull Pup jammed but that won't happen again, I can promise you.


  1. I have been schooled by the Mister. Speaking of tasers, I heard an add on the radio for "taser parties" for women. How awesome would it be to be a taser salesperson? Not very awesome, I'm afraid. Thanks for letting me ruin your blog.

  2. Oh boy. Is Pamela recovered yet? I miss her... and her blogs too...

  3. It was fun sparring with you Steenky. Hope we get a chance to do it again some time.

  4. Jen, you rock my world.

    Oh, and it's 'ad' not 'add'... you're welcome.


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