Saturday, April 18, 2009

hey! guess what? teh interwebs is at teh hospitable!

Hi, all you most favoritest peeps of mine. I just discovered this here computer, and read every last five of the 200 some emails in my inbox, browsed a blog or two, and commented on my last post.

Elliott is certifiably the most chill baby ever, and he is well-liked by all the nurses here at Children's. Also well-liked? His BabyLegs. And yes, these are the exact ones he's wearing.

With a complimentary light orange hospitable gown.

And why do I keep saying hospitable when that is CLEARLY not what I mean? Because it's fun, that's why, and I've been sitting around like a bum all day, feeding my sweet babe and eating foodstuffs and drinking barely palatable coffee. Also watching trashy TV (for example Millionaire Matchmaker. Barf.)

Elliott is doing well, eating and sleeping and smiling at me when he remembers that my face corresponds with the boobies he loves so well. My good friend Heather (hi, Heather!) came up to visit today, and brought me clean pants and shampoo and my camera (thanks, Heather!). But no pics of Elliott smiling. Of course.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and well-wishes. My phone didn't receive all the tweets tweeted in my direction, so if I didn't respond to you, don't think I ignored you on purpose. I really appreciate all the messages, received or stored up for me on Twitter, as I've been here with Elliott all by my lonesome for this whole time.

Don't hate on The Mister, he had an enormously huge concert to mix this weekend, far away, with an enormously huge paycheck attached to it, so I made him stay there.

It's been nice to feel the love.

We hope to be discharged Sunday night if nothing yucky shows up in the petri dishes.


  1. so glad i clicked over here just in case google hadn't picked up on something yet.
    good to hear you being ... happy.
    i've been worried about you and your little guy.
    i understand the "go ... paycheck" thing ...
    and the less than stellar tv programming.
    cheers to hospitable. it's a much better way of saying it. totally agree.

  2. I'm so glad you might get to go home. I hope the little guy turns on that smile for you. He's super sweet as it is but a smile? Totally heartmelting. Love the babylegs. We are fans around here to.

  3. Holy crap, I am worst woman ever for missing this. How the hell is everything going?

    I hope Mr. Chill in his impossibly adorable baby legs is on his way home.

    My grandma is tight with the Man Upstairs, so I'm sending my prayers for you all.

  4. Happy is good. I like happy. And calm. Good news on a Sunday!

    Blessings to you and the Mister, thinking of you guys :)

  5. Oh I hope and pray you get to go home Sunday. I've been looking for your tweets throughout the day since this started. I can't even imagine what a scary ordeal this must have been for you. Hopefully you get to go home today, get some rest and get back to normal!

    Mary Anne


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