Thursday, April 23, 2009

i'm losing followers, guess it's time to post.

Last weekend is really catching up with me. Actually, I think it has hunted me down and has consumed me for a mid-morning snack. I will say it one time right here, right now: I AM EXHAUSTED.

So we're all on the same page now.

In a few hours, I get to go to the Attica (yes, like the prison, except the prison was named after the town) Police Department to give a statement or testify or be deposed like a dictator regarding "The Incident of April 15th". Because that's how the police are referring to me going all narc on the (allegedly) drunk guy's (might have been a gal, guessing I'll find out later) ass. I'm going to drink a ton of coffee before I go so that mah brain cells are working real good, and so's I'm super entertaining. Because that's totally what they're looking for, right?

Or not.

And for the record, I am taking this very seriously, because drinking and driving is crazy serious, and people should just not do it.

This morning we had a photo shoot in our living room, of all places, with Sue Smith of Legacy Portraits. She brought the studio to us. More on that later, and also a super awesome deal on portraits for readers of my blog. It's even good for all my stalkers out there... you know who you are... And not only is it a great deal, but there's free stuff, too. But that's Monday.

I know how you people love free stuff.

Sue shot us up for almost two hours. We were having so much fun, we didn't notice. And naturally, my children were angels. Ahem.

Sweets took a fabulous nap afterwards, and woke up with a horrendous case of baby acne. Awesomesauce.

Abrupt topic change...

Lisa Brandos (hi Lisa!) tweeted this article today, and I just thought I'd share it with you to demonstrate that Waco, Texas, has not yet banned stupid people. I know it does not shine positively on Christians, especially, but I think the people in that lecture were way more STUPID than CHRISTIAN. Just read the article and laugh at the stupidity.

Moving on.

Or not.  Short people are emerging from their sleepy cocoons, and their sweaty little selves are begging for a drink of water.  Also they want to be cuddled, and there's nothing like a sweaty little self after a nap.    I am outta here.

Quick question: Is Miss Suzy from Sid the Annoying Science Kid the same singer as the one on Raggs? Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Now I'm out of here. For realz.


  1. At least the baby acne waited until after the pictures to rear its ugly little head.

  2. Nothing like a few hours of photography. My children would have had that woman packing her stuff faster than lightening after thirty minutes. One loves the camera the other hates it.

    I hope they turn out good!

  3. If I were your "real life" friend, I would soooo come and hold that baby and watch those kids adn let you take a NAP!

    After baby number two - I thought I was going to LOSE.MY.MIND. from lack of sleep. So, of course I'm imagining your situation as that one times two...which would be actually negetive 8 hrs of sleep a night. I'm sorry honey..

  4. If you want to come out to the country for a playdate tomorrow (Friday) I will change my sheets, hold the baby, watch your big kiddies and let you take a nap. Actually I was thinking I would just lock all the kids in the pig pen... (WHAT? It's got electric fence, they won't be able to escape!) Plus the short people like to chase the piggies... not sure how the piggies feel about that situations though.
    Really though, my friend Melissa is coming for a playdate... she is a closet stalker of your blog. You are welcome to come too and take a nap while the kids play. :)

  5. I call him Sid the Abnoxious Kid. I have a love/hate relationship with Sid. He actually teaches my kids something (please DON'T ask her about reversible change) and he's not as whiny as the bratty Caillou (who needs to just be shot and done with already).

    Anyway, thanks for the pimping! I'm blushing!

  6. Photo shoot? I'm assuming it was of the kiddos. You really didn't specify so my mind was left to wander and wonder. You're not losing followers. Stop. Not to sound like a McDonald's commercial, but you deserve a break. But when you're done breaking, would you mind being a surrogate mother for me? I'd only like about four more kids. It's your choice, you can have them all at once, or space them out. You decide.

  7. @ That Girl... I think of you as my real-life non-imaginary friend. And I think that Teh Tireds today are about equal to how tired people who have non-sleeping infants must be. At least, I hope there's no Teh Extra Tireds. Because that would really suck.

    @Lisa Brandos... I love/hate Sid, too. And Caillou? It's all hate/hate with that kid and the rest of the giggly, ice-pick-worthy cast. I'm not on enough happy meds to be able to watch that show.

  8. @ Steenky - I'm currently searching the Craiglist for someone in your neck of the woods I can hire to knock on your door and give you a smack for me.

    Better yet, you should just look there for a surrogate and I'll save the five bucks! (hooker)

  9. I'm cracking up over the comment on Caillou who I absolutely CANNOT stand! Whiny brat.

    I hope you get a nap soon. Don't worry - I'm a new stalker and I'm still here!

    Also - how cool about the photo shoot! Someday, we will do something like that. Maybe at a beach.

  10. OHHHH cailiou! Kylie went through a stage of having to watch him everyday but man does he whine! I think he actually taught my kids the phrase, "but daddddyyyy...I don't want to". AHHH. And I will give Sid a plus. I do enjoy dancing to his little songs every once in a while. He scared Kylie into brushing her teeth, thats for sure!

  11. Honey, I've been losing followers for well over a year now. Seriously, my blog is going to shit.

    How is your little man doing?

    And yes, Sid the strange animation Kid is damned annoying. Thankfully, my kiddos have no interest. (Now, if I can only get them to give up Caillou.)

  12. you people crack me up!

    I have Jerold on Sid. That voice is worse that nails on a chalk board.

    and Miss Suzie, I don't know, I haven't had the privilage of watching Ragg's. I can't wait to see Sue's Pictures of you all. She does amazing work! I love checking her web site for new photo shoots she's done! Way to go Sue!

  13. Hello?!? I'm still waiting for the story about what happened.

    Geez. Guest post for someone and they go all "baby woke up" and "family portrait" and "stupid people" on you.


  14. Whew, I am so glad your little one is all right.

    I have an intense dislike for Sid the Science Kid. Of course, my kids adore him.


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