Friday, April 17, 2009

please say a prayer for elliott today

I am running out the door right now to take Elliott to Children's Hospital in Buffalo. He had a high fever this morning when he woke up, and the infant rules of doctoring say that when that situation arises, you need to get admitted for 48 hours whilst they pump you with antibiotics and do fun things like CATHETERIZE YOU and DRAW BLOOD and (gulp) TAP YOUR SPINE.


He's pretty lethargic and doesn't want to be in the sling (his favorite place, well second place after the boobies).

I will update via twitter, if you want to follow me, I'm pameladayton.



  1. me too - this is scary.

    It's gonna be okay though.

  2. And I don't have twitter, so ChurchPunkMom, send me an email kay?

  3. Praying for Elliot and for you and the rest of your family. We all love you guys!

  4. oh no! poor sweet little one and poor mama! praying for you both (and all the daytons) and a speedy recovery!!

  5. Prayers! I love you all and you're all in my thoughts.

  6. Prayer flags flyin', looking for a rosary...(heartinmouth) Thinking of you all, kiddo.


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