Saturday, April 11, 2009

From one Bad-Ass-Baby-Machine to another..

(.. can I say ass on your blog??)

Welcome to the club, Dayton Family!

"Are they all yours?"
"You know what causes that.. right?"
"Do they all have the same dad?"
"Is this a daycare you have with you?"
"1, 2, 3, 4... Dang."
"Wow, you have your hands full!"
"You ever lose one?"

... and so on club! From the ChurchPunk House to the Dayton Clan, welcome to the world of Larger Families.

That's right friends, when you go beyond 3 these days, you are generally considered 'a bit off'. That, or people assume you are related to (or competing with) the Duggars.

But we're not.

We just like kids.

Kids are awesome. You should get some.

Now, Pamela and I have more in common than many of you may realize. Aside from the fact that our bodies are veritable midget machines (can I say midget here?? I know it's not PC and all.. eh, whatever. Like I ever follow the rules..Rules are for sissies.), but she also totally ROCKS.

Some things we know about Pamela: she cooks, she sews, she wears short people like accessories, she likes awesome music (like Family Force 5), she can make tasty bread, she pops out babies like it ain't no thang, she's funny, she feeds her offspring with her boobs, she ain't no sissy, she's kind to our Earth, and she loves God!

All of those things could be said about me as well.. well, except the part about being funny. I'm definitely not funny.

But Pamela is.

Because she is awesome.

But there's more to Pamela than just her totally rad talents. And this is part of what makes her a good mom and capable of shouldering the burden of raising a bunch of brats beautiful children.

Pamela is a good friend.

I know it sounds cliché. But she really is. Just look at all the guest posts here, and you can see how true it is! Pamela (and The Mister too!) takes the time to reach out to people and really get to know them. She's not afraid to ask questions, to check up on us when we don't show up for work are MIA. She and I even have a matching set of luggage, if you know what I mean (you probably don't.. but she does. and that's what matters.), and I only know this because she took the time to ask the questions.

Asking questions is important.

Unless, of course, you're asking "You know how that happens, don't you?" or "Are those your daycare kids?" or "Are you having any more?? (I hope not..)" Cause those questions are just rude.

Congratulations, Daytons.. you now have more kids than the average family.. you are above average.

You are blessed. Even though there will be many days ahead (as I'm sure there already have been) when you most certainly don't feel like you are.

But when those days come? When your blessings start feeling more like burdens? You can bet your bippy I will be more than happy to lend you an ear, an eye, or a shoulder (or even a finger for that matter..).. because you know I've been there. I can relate. And I'm happy to be a friend to you, just as you have been to me!


  1. So sweet. Pamela, are you feelin the love on all these guest post?!

  2. We are feeling the love. It's awesome, and good to know that we're loved.

  3. Boy, can I leave a lame comment, or what?!?!?

  4. I love you guys too, as well as your lame comments!

  5. *sniff* that was beautiful. As are the ladies, author and friend both...

    So what kind of luggage is it, Travelers or Sampsonite?


    We all have baggage, right? :)

  6. Um when I post - does it have to be gushy? I mean come on, what are you 2 a bunch of ladies... oh wait?

    Well I can tell you for sure that our family is super blessed. Don't let anyone makes you feel otherwise. If they do, give me their name and address, you probably wont hear from them anymore.


  7. Now I want another baby. Thanks a lot.

  8. That was sweet. I don't get what's so weird about 3 plus kids. Someone has to drive the minivans of the world right? ;)

  9. @ sammanthia...go ahead. they're nice.

  10. If I didn't hate pregnancy with every iota of my being, I'd probably have more. But I have friends who promise me I can borrow theirs, so I'm good.


  11. When I was pregnant with my fourth my favorite comment was "I didn't know you were Catholic" Four kids are awesome. You always have love around you.


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