Saturday, April 25, 2009

this is a cool blog you should check out. because i said so, that's why.

Celery haters unite!  It is their call to action.  The official Celery Bouncer is Heather, who also blogs here, (you should really read this here post because it is fanfreakingtastic, even though Carrot Top is present, but I can totally get over that due to the hilarity.  WRH, this means you!)

With post labels like CRIMINALS, DISORDERLY, DRUNK, and SHAMEFUL CELERY BEHAVIOR, even the most ardent celery lover will get a kick, or possibly a stitch in their side from The League.  I can't promise they'll invite you back if you identify yourself as a celery lover, or that Heather the Celery Bouncer won't come over and kick your ass, or that she won't mix pictures of you with Carrot Top (poor Fergie, really!).  Just remember:  When visiting the League, speak as the Leaguers speak, and you'll be safe.

Check them out.  


  1. The suppression of celery? Okaaayyy.
    But of course I'll click the link anyway cause if there's a link I simply can't help myself ;)

    Will they hate me if I like it with peanut butter? Just asking.

  2. OMG. A whole blog devoted to the hatred of celery!

    What sort of twisted mind would come up with such a thing?

    I don't mind celery. BUT, I think this kind of warped thinking is right up my alley.

  3. Yeah Ok Celery. WHAT???

    How are you babies and boobs and when are you coming to visit?

  4. Pamela, we at the LSC thank you for your kind words and helping us get the word out about the subversive degradation of the world's cultures due to the overuse and misuse of celery.

    You're courageous and selfless for doing your part.

  5. These people are twisted and must be stopped!!!
    Join the League for the Suppression of the League for the Suppression of Celery instead!

  6. Celery-Free By Choice23 July, 2009 10:01

    Get off Pam's blog you celery-eating freak of nature!


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